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  • Trans.IT launched the Central Data warehouse

    In January 2017 Trans.IT launched the Central Data warehouse for Gastroenterologist departments for multiple hospitals. Within each hospital all exams are recorded in a reporting database. Once per day a specific dataset is (anonymously) send from this reporting system to the Trans.IT central data warehouse. Each Gastroenterologist is able to use this central Data warehouse using a business intelligence tool to manage the department and analyze the data.

    For more details see the project: …

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  • The Breast Center Screening center on Aruba

    In April 2016, the Breast Center Screening center on Aruba officially opened. Women aged 45 to 75 are receiving an invitation to have a bi-annual breast examination. Aruba is another country that uses the RADventure’s Breast Cancer Screening (BCS) system.

    BCS project.

    BCS solution.

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    RADventure attended the 2016 ECR conference at Vienna. We appreciate the quality of sessions we were able to join. Several speakers talked about the future of cancer screening, and they all had one topic in common: Personalized Screening. It was nice to see that our screening software solutions already anticipate and support these new developments. We had the opportunity to show our screening solutions to interested organizations / delegations. ECR 2016: a great way to learn and share …

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  • RADventure supports the ROBINSCA project


    Cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of morbidity and mortality in Europe. Early detection (screening) and treatment for cardiovascular diseases in large groups of people without symptoms (general population) might have the opportunity to reduce cardiovascular-related morbidity and mortality. However, evidence is lacking whether the benefits of screening (e.g. reduced morbidity and mortality) justify the potential harms (e.g. unnecessary treatment, costs).  …

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  • The RADventure Group recently earned the ISO Certification 9001

    Recently The RADventure Group earned the ISO Certification 9001:2008.

    ISO guarantees the customers and partners of the RADventure Group a continuous high quality of service with proven standards and a constant focus on improvement of services.

    The certificate will be valid for 3 years and every year an external auditor of the certifying organization, TŪV Rheinland, will be validating our Quality System.


    Petra van der Voort, Director Operations RADventure Group:

    We …

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  • RADventure attended WEO Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee in Vienna

    On the 17th of October RADventure attended the meeting of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee in Vienna. This committee is part of the World Endoscopy Organization (WEO).  The sessions provided valuable information on screening methodologies, tests and equipment, substantiated with the outcomes of multiple scientific research programs. RADventure co-sponsored the event because of it’s added value to our product development. For more information, please visit: http://www. …

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  • Cancer Screening Program is one of the 15 Top

    The RADventure Group is extremely proud to be the main ICT partner of the Dutch Breast Cancer Screening Program. According to the RIVM this program is one of the 15 Top Projects in Health Care. Please note that this article is in Dutch.

    Projects: Topprojecten van het RIVM

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  • Healthcare programs in the EMEA Region

    Healthcare programs, like nationwide Population Screening, are a serious topic in the EMEA Region. There are various initiatives in many countries within this region that are continuously improving the already very high Healthcare standards.

    The RADventure Group is proud to be part of these improvements. Our Screening Consultants are very welcome expert partners for countries in the EMEA region when it comes to developing and implementing innovative and effective screening programs. They are …

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  • Renew Sales IT system @ Reinaerdt deuren

    Reinaerdt Deuren B.V. started a project to completely renew its sales IT system.  Key to the development is a high level web based graphical interface: before the manufacturing process starts, custom made doors can be designed and calculated in an extremely user friendly environment. Through the new system Reinaerdt Deuren will also be able to track and trace all related sales activities.

    It is an explicit requirement to deliver the system in a short time frame and the RADventure .NET …

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  • RADventure awarded development for the ROBINSCA trial

    RADventure started the development of the ROBINSCA system, working with the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) to support the ROBINSCA trial.

    The purpose of this research project is to investigate whether the early detection of an increased risk for cardiovascular disease followed by adequate treatment will reduce cardiovascular related morbidity and mortality. Over 330.000 people of the general population will be addressed to participate. About 39.000 people with an expected increased risk will be …

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