In January 2017 Trans.IT launched the Central Data warehouse for Gastroenterologist departments for multiple hospitals. Within each hospital all exams are recorded in a reporting database.

In April 2016, the Breast Center Screening center on Aruba officially opened. Women aged 45 to 75 are receiving an invitation to have a bi-annual breast examination. Aruba is another country that uses the RADventure’s Breast Cancer Screening (BCS) system for managing the whole screening process; inviting and screening clients, evaluating their …

The Netherlands has a long-term and effective population based screening program for breast cancer, which – despite changing circumstances – continues to satisfy expectations. The success of the Dutch population screening program is due to the high quality and organizational efficiency of the program.

The ROBINSCA (Risk Or Benefit IN Screening for Cardiovascular disease) is the only large-scale population-based randomized controlled trial that investigates the cost-effectiveness of screening for cardiovascular diseases.

On the island of Curaçao, part of the kingdom of The Netherlands, RADventure supports the local Breast Cancer Screening program run by Fundashon Prevenshon.

Today the RADventure Group is working on the continuation of MammoXL phase 1A that will lead to MammoXL phase 1B

Software solution that supports all main processes that are involved in the FoodConnect Company business like customers administration, ordering, production, distribution and invoicing.

RADventure provides the Management Information System for the Dutch national Cervical Cancer Screening program. This system provides the support for the whole flow: From connecting to the town-hall administration, sending invitations to the clients, receiving results from the laboratory’s and send result letters to GP’s and the client.

The MAMMOXL project integrates the Breast Cancer Screening images from the national screening program and the hospital care using an IHE-XDS-I profile for transmural exchange of images.

Each engineer is using an Intermec device to register their work done and to capture digital information about the support ticket they are working on.

The goal for this project was to provide a platform to administrate the whole fruit selling and shipping process starting from the moment when the shipment is created up to it is received by the customer.

We are developing and maintaining business critical information systems under tight Service Level Agreements for NedTrain. In our latest IT System all the shunting yards of NedTrain are nicely designed.

Screening programs are becoming an increasingly important share of preventive care, thus strategically lowering long term clinical expenditure and the exchange of health information is taken to a new personalized and comprehensive level through international standards and technologies. We provide systems to support screening for Breast, Cervical …

The goal for this project was to bring a platform to administrate the whole car selling process from the moment the car is received and added to the stock in Autotrade up to the moment in which it’s sold.

Since the start of the Colorectal Cancer Screening programs for scientific research in The Netherlands in 2006, the RADventure Group has been closely involved.

The Quotation Module is used by commercial managers to offer rates to customers for works that needs to be done.

Software system for planning logistic activities based on a set of activities and actions that will be planned to the staff working at the plant.