Track&trace medical mobile assets in hospitals

Keep track of the whereabouts and performance of medical mobile assets within hospitals with Performance Flow

The demand for better and more effective health care is getting bigger every year, but the budgets are getting more and more restricted. Hospitals are struggling with these tight budgets every day. For this, they need to be very creative on where and how to spend their money. Any budget saved in one area can be redirected to health care in other areas. Any streamlining of processes will improve speed and quality of health care in total.

In every hospital you will find hundreds of mobile medical appliances, such as infusion pumps and ultrasound devices, but also beds. In a perfect world, every hospital unit would know where their mobile resources are located, but the real world proves different.

Nursing staff is spending lots of time searching for the right equipment that should be ‘somewhere on the work floor’. This way of working is frustrating and time consuming. Managements response is to add more equipment to the work floor, so the change to find medical appliance will increase. This however is cost intensive and staff members are still not sure where to look to find the right equipment.

Together with Philips we developed Performance Flow. Based on the Internet of Things, Performance Flow is a track&trace system for the nursing staff. Every medical device is tagged and followed, so the exact location on the work floor is known to the staff 24/7. The staff can check a personalized dashboard of all appliances and select the nearest available device they need. In just a few seconds a device can be located and put into service for a patient. This not only benefits the patient who needs the device, but the nursing staff is also more effective in delivering care to other patients, because they don’t need to spend a lot of time on searching for equipment.

Performance Flow does more than just support nursing staff in their day to day work, it can also be used for management to get insights into the usage of the devices. Is the equipment used to the fullest, or can they be shared with other hospital units so the hospital in total can manage with less devices, but still maintain or even improve the quality of health care? And since all devices are tagged, Performance Flow can even be used to prevent theft. Another valuable feature is the integration with CMMS systems. With this, the CMMS system receives real time information about the (maintenance) status and location of mobile medical devices. Up time of the medical assets can be increased and continuity of health care can be guaranteed.

Currently the application is being expanded to not only track&trace mobile assets, but also patients. This can for instance optimize the patient flow in the emergency departments to increase healthcare or keep track of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

We are proud to be part of the development team that delivers better and more cost efficient health care by improving the usage of mobile medical devices in hospitals.

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