Healthcare systems

Aging and the increasing world wide population are putting pressure on the financials of our Healthcare systems. At the same time citizens are becoming assertive and want to control their personal medical environment. Screening programs are becoming an increasingly important share of preventive care, thus strategically lowering long term clinical expenditure and the exchange of health information is taken to a new personalized and comprehensive level through international standards and technologies.

Many countries in the world today are starting to meet the cultural and economical preconditions to use screening as a means to improve the health of their citizens. Based on our vast experience with the renowned Dutch screening programs, RADventure is providing its partners with the services and products needed for a successful screening. We provide systems to support screening for Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer as well as Chlamydia screening. We are also supporting pilots and people related medical research. Where every country has different needs, we offer the services to embed these systems in different and specific environments and to prepare screening organizations for a successful program.

Have a look at our solutions for Breast Cancer Screening (BCS), Colorectal Cancer Screening (CCS), Screening Pilot support and the approach to a Meaningful Pilot. For a reference list please look at our Project Reference List.

RADventure will help your organization to integrate in any clinical environment, will provide you with the key performance indicators to manage your processes and will build the support for a specific operation, using our experience in the field and a state of the art software factory.