RADventure is designing, building, implementing and supporting

Europe needs to become the world’s most competitive knowledge-based economy and this is most certainly true for The Netherlands. Dutch companies need to create new products, faster than they can be copied elsewhere in the world. To be able to do this, their processes have to be supported by a new kind of ICT-systems: extremely flexible, ‘short time to market’ and unique in their functionality.

RADventure is constantly proving to deliver such systems, adhering to the standards and technology of our time, payable and without concessions to quality. We combine a knowledgeable front-office, close to our customer, with the cost effectiveness of a successful offshore development. This is how we provide our customers with competitive edge in niche areas where ERP-solutions fail in flexibility and specificity.

RADventure is designing, building, implementing and supporting custom made solutions for renowned customers in automotive, railway and space industry and many of those systems are mission critical. Please refer to "portfolio" for references.