Mobile development

Mobile devices have rapidly become the standard way of interaction, through the ability to access and share information anytime from anyplace.

This opens up a range of opportunities to engage users as never before, and we are available to share our experience and expertise, giving you quality assistance.




01. Clever strategy

We use our resources and work with you to transform an idea into a full mobile strategy, analyzing different options to find the one that perfectly fits your needs.


02. Beautiful design

We adhere to the latest tendencies like iOS and material design guidelines, and participate from designing the brand identity to the latest piece of interface.


03. Agile development

We love technology, and are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our expertise. We are truly believers that requirements evolve, so we embrace the change using agile methodologies to really fulfill your necessities.


04. Quality oriented

We like to feel proud of our work, and the only way to achieve that is delivering quality work that meet high standards, your standards.



We are aware that you need to reduce costs and cover several markets.

That's why we deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps using Xamarin cross-platform technology, hybrid and progressive Ionic apps and mobile HTML5 responsive websites.

The final decision just depends on your choice, and will be guided by our experts.

Native cross-platform apps

We use Xamarin technology to write native Android, iOS, Mac and Windows apps with shared code between them.

  • The user interfaces are built with standard native controls to ensure they not only look the way users expect them to, they behave that way too.
  • Native API access, meaning access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying device.
  • Xamarin apps leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration and are compiled for native performance, ensuring smooth user experience.
  • Using the same language, it is possible to share a code base between platforms, this code base is on average 75% thereby reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • This technology guaranties access to all the existing frameworks and libraries through bindings.

Hybrid apps

We use a powerful HTML5 framework to build native-feeling mobile apps.

Ionic allow us to create beautiful apps that run on Android and iOS sharing 100% of the code, and it’s even possible to run it in a browser as a progressive web app.

Built on top of proven technologies like HTML5, AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Ionic is performant, carefully designed and extremely flexible.