CCS is RADventure’s application to support Colon Cancer Screening programs.

CCS facilitates the entire process. It starts with retrieving and managing demographic data from possibly scattered population databases. It will compose and prepare invitations for people eligible for screening, maximizing the uptake through smart business rules, based on years of experience. CCS will then manage the logistics for distributing tests and analyzing them in laboratories. Results are communicated to clients and general practitioners in a careful process to minimize psychological and social consequences. Finally referrals for further treatment (like endoscopy) are generated and follow up activities are being monitored.

Through the entire process, CCS exchanges information with public registers, hospital information systems, and laboratories using standard transactions and procedures (HL7, based on IHE profiles). CCS will provide you with flexible reporting and with logistic and clinical key-performance indicators. It’s web-based approach supports remote analysis and the central planning is able to support any organizational structure and capacity-planning for endoscopies.

Our brochure.

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