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Renew Sales IT system @ Reinaerdt deuren

Reinaerdt Deuren B.V. started a project to completely renew its sales IT system.  Key to the development is a high level web based graphical interface: before the manufacturing process starts, custom made doors can be designed and calculated in an extremely user friendly environment. Through the new system Reinaerdt Deuren will also be able to track and trace all related sales activities.

It is an explicit requirement to deliver the system in a short time frame and the RADventure .NET Software Team started the project in May 2014 using Agile as a development methodology. The collaboration between Reinardt Deuren and the RADventure Group started 14 years ago and ever since we develop and maintain the Reinaerdt Deuren sales IT system.

Reinaerdt Deuren is an innovative company that manufactures high quality doors in an explicitly sustainable process. Reinaerdt Deuren gains competitive edge through a high-technology IT infrastructure covering all working processes.  The doors are produced fully computer-controlled, both for large industrial projects as well as utility projects. The company has a broad international focus, maintains factories in the Netherlands and Germany and has a significant market share in the UK.


RADventure awarded development for the ROBINSCA trial

RADventure started the development of the ROBINSCA system, working with the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) to support the ROBINSCA trial.

The purpose of this research project is to investigate whether the early detection of an increased risk for cardiovascular disease followed by adequate treatment will reduce cardiovascular related morbidity and mortality. Over 330.000 people of the general population will be addressed to participate. About 39.000 people with an expected increased risk will be randomly assigned to one of the three groups for risk analysis (control versus classical risk factors versus Coronary Artery Calcium score), that will be compared after a follow up period of 5 to 10 years.

The contract was assigned to RADventure in March 2014, based on our experience with screening and screening related research programs.

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RADventure launched new website!

We are very excited to have launched our new website!
The website  has improved functionality, design and navigation and is more aligned with the RADventure Group strategic vision for growth and expansion in both national and international markets.
The New website includes extensive product information, available services and the latest news.

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