OLVG implemented Performance Flow to track&trace their mobile medical assets (like infusion pumps) within the hospital. This time and cost saving application is very well received and now more hospitals are moving to implement the solution.

Within OLVG all mobile medical devices are uniquely tagged and receivers are placed throughout the entire hospital. All devices can be exactly located, which is a major timesaver for medical staff since they don't have to search for assets. Saved time that can be spent on delivering more personal care to patients. Hospital management can monitor the performance of each individual asset and finetune the need for more or less assets. Maintenance can be streamlined so down time of valuable assets can be kept to a minimum. Currently the application is being expanded to not only track&trace mobile assets, but also patients. This can for instance streamline the patient flow in the emergency departments to increase healthcare or keep track of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

RADventure and Philips joined forces to create this state of art solution for hospitals.

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