The world is experiencing a heavy burden with the coronavirus disease pandemic (also called COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2). Almost all countries are preventing contamination and treating patients the best they can. Currently, the main focus is on treatment, but as the pandemic develops, the need for a structured COVID-screening program is growing massively. This is because quarantining the entire population for several months or perhaps several years is not feasible: there needs to be a structured approach for un-quarantining (parts of) the population. We foresee that large population screening programs will be a piece of this complex strategic puzzle.

At this moment we are noticing an upcoming demand for national data management systems to support these large population based screening programs. Both the screening to determine whether a person is infected (for example performing a blood test, oral swab test or a CT-scan) and the screening wether a person already had the disease (using antibody tests) will be needed. With more than 25 years of experience in large scale screening programs in countries all over the world, RADventure supports you to conduct these kind of programs with our Unified Screening Platform (USP).

USP is a flexible data management software environment that provides what is needed to implement large scale screening programs. With USP, the population can be organized in target groups based on different parameters (such as the person's age, gender, living area, previous studies results, etc). Based on these parameters each individual client is invited for a specific workflow and tracked from the first contact until the end of the defined screening workflow. The planning for the screening program can be set for the whole population or incrementally, prioritizing invitations based on specific criteria. Doing so it is possible to invite clients for a specific workflow, and/or area, or invite a selected group to a specific Screening Unit or specific workflow. Regarding planning and monitoring, USP has a Central Unit that can configure, plan and monitor different Screening Units (fixed and/or mobile). Due to the modular architecture, USP is flexible and ready to be integrated in other health care environments (like Hospital Information Systems and Laboratory Information Systems).

We are happy to advise and support you on the (data) management part of COVID-19 screening programs.