Healthcare programs in the EMEA Region

Healthcare programs, like nationwide Population Screening, are a serious topic in the EMEA Region. There are various initiatives in many countries within this region that are continuously improving the already very high Healthcare standards.

The RADventure Group is proud to be part of these improvements. Our Screening Consultants are very welcome expert partners for countries in the EMEA region when it comes to developing and implementing innovative and effective screening programs. They are being asked to support brainstorm sessions and besides their comprehensive ICT knowledge they add value in designing and managing the process flows within a screening program.

For over 20 years we are one of the expert suppliers of the Dutch government in the national screening programs like breast cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer together with Philips Healthcare, Tromp Medical and the Dutch Reference Center for Screening (LRCB). Next to that our ICT programs are running at the Caribbean and the Spanish government is implementing the breast cancer screening (BCS System) together with RADventure and Philips Spain on the Canary Islands.

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