The goal for this project was to bring a platform to administrate the whole car selling process from the moment the car is received and added to the stock in Autotrade up to the moment in which it’s sold.

Main Features

Car Administration


Autotrade car administration provides an easy way for creating, listing and searching cars. With only one click the user can add new fully parameterized cars.

The car control process is particularly supported by a view specially designed to be used with touchscreen devices.


Customers, CMR and Invoicing

Autotrade supports the whole sales process including customers administration, invoicing and CMR reports.


Related invoices, cars, customers and other entities are easily accessible by clicking on hyperlinks codes which allow to navigate through the system.

Reporting and Exportation Processes

The system brings a complete set of cars, customer’s purchase, financial and stock reports. It also offers several processes which allow to export customers, invoices and cars information.

Cars Exportation to External System

The information belonging to every new car in Autotrade and all their modifications, will be exported to an external system called Autrado by an automatic night process. This exportation can also be done manually.