Cervical Cancer Screening at Curaçao

CIS-FP is the Cervical Cancer Screening solution for Fundashon Prevenshon Curaçao.

The Cervix Information System, CIS-FP, is the Cervical Cancer Screening solution build by RADventure to support the workflow within the Cervix screening program at Curaçao. The workflow in CIS-FP is based on cytology and/or HPV, depending on age. The system is designed with a planning module to create invitations with or without an appointment. Clients are invited for screening and their samples are sent to a laboratory, while the communication between the laboratory and CIS-FP is carried out by HL7 messages. The system calculates the Bethesda scores based on the KOPAC classifications and, depending on the results, schedule a sequel appointment. For an administrator on the phone, there is a central support page where all customer information and possible actions are available at that time. There is also a page for the nursing staff, with several automatic controls and checks to reduce administrative actions and make work easy and precise. For administrative purposes, the invitations within an invitation round can be listed / printed. RADventure is very pleased to contribute to the Cervical Cancer screening program. Currently there are over 70.000 clients registered in the system. More information: Fundashon Prevenshon