In April 2016, the Breast Center Screening center on Aruba officially opened

Women aged 45 to 75 are receiving an invitation to have a bi-annual breast examination.

Aruba is another country that uses the RADventure’s Breast Cancer Screening (BCS) system for managing the whole screening process; inviting and screening clients, evaluating their mammograms and providing results and eventual follow-up. This process is fully paperless. Using BCS, client data can be maintained, invitations can be created for different target groups (first time clients, those needing more time for their screening or more frequent mammograms). Also, different invitation- and reminder letters are available. The Screening module allows technicians to add observations and memos for the radiologists. Radiologists do their reading in the Reading module, which supports double-blind reading and arbitration or consensus reading when different evaluations are given. All BIRAD classifications are supported. Results will be sent to a client's GP electronically using the EDIFACT standard.