ROBINSCA-MR is a large-scale population-based randomized controlled trial that investigates the cost-effectiveness of screening for cardiovascular diseases using MR

(Risk Or Benefit IN Screening for Cardiovascular disease using MR)

In this study, an MRI scan of the heart is performed on a subset of the ROBINSCA participants who have undergone a CT scan (Intervention Group B). In collaboration with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), it is being investigated whether early indications of an imminent heart attack or sudden cardiac death can be found with this MRI scan. Participants in the ROBINSCA study who have undergone a CT scan of the heart (Intervention Group B) and who were found to have a calcium score of 300 or higher will be mailed an invitation for ROBINSCA-MR. In the first instance, a small part of the potential participants will receive an invitation letter with information. This number will gradually be expanded. All ROBINSCA participants in intervention group B and a calcium score of 300 or higher will eventually receive an invitation letter. The researchers from the Erasmus MC and the UMCG are very pleased that ROBINSCA-MR has started and hope to gather valuable information about the development of serious cardiovascular diseases, such as a heart attack, with the help of all the participants. RADventure delivers the needed workflow software and provide the secure hosting environment for this study. Click for more background information (in Dutch) on the following link: ROBINSCA-MR.