The Dutch National Breast Cancer Screening Program reached its 25th anniversary in 2015

The Netherlands has a long-term and effective population based screening program for breast cancer, which – despite changing circumstances – continues to satisfy expectations. The success of the Dutch population screening program is due to the high quality and organizational efficiency of the program. For example, in the Netherlands, false positives and over-diagnosis are less common that in some other countries, while the number of false negatives is barely any higher.

All women between 50 and 75 are offered a screening free of charge every 2 years. With a participation rate of more than 80%, and a rising number of detections, this is an effective and efficient program for early detection of breast cancer.

Mammograms are assessed by 2 specially trained radiologists, and within 2 weeks of screening the result is sent to both GP and client.

(More information about the Dutch Breast Cancer Screening can be found here)

Since 2010 the screening and its administration is fully digitalized, paperless and centrally managed. RADventure provides the IBOB central administrative information management system, supporting the entire workflow from receiving data from the national population database, sending invitations, reading, processing and sending results, to follow-up. Extensive reporting modules provide information for both the screening organization and the Dutch National Cancer Registry.

RADventure also provides the appointment and image management system for both the fixed and mobile Screening Units, allowing smooth registration and examination of clients.

Radiologists profit from the use of RADventure's Reading Unit image management system, allowing fast double blind readings of DICOM images, digital annotations of abnormalities, and consensus and arbitration readings.