The goal for this project was to provide a platform to administrate the whole fruit selling and shipping process starting from the moment when the shipment is created up to it is received by the customer

Main Features

Companies and Accounts Administration


The most important feature in CitrusSur app is the customer’s accounts and shipments management. The Accounts can be configured as fix price or consignment and with the possibility of select one of the multiples currencies managed by the system for each of them.

You will be able to see all the shipments related to the customer’s account and perform multiple actions like payments, discounts and adjustments application.


Besides this, this app provides a complete companies management including a customer’s contacts agenda.

Product Administration

The product administration brings a simple way to define which are the Fruit Types, Qualities, Brands and Varieties to available for sale. Box types and size can be also configured for each fruit type.


Shipments Management

The Shipments management provides an easy way to create and edit shipments and to specify the fruits and amounts to be included. Shipment’s status (programmed, In Transit, received, others) can be quickly identified based on the color of the by the visual indicator located at the left side of the grid.


The system brings a complete set of reports related to sales, discounts, payments and the contact agenda. Additionally the user will be able to export the most important information managed by the system to pdf / excel format.