The ICOLON Screening Programs

Since the start of the Colorectal Cancer Screening programs for scientific research in The Netherlands in 2006, the RADventure Group has been closely involved.

RADventure developed and maintained the ICT system, the so called ICOLON application, that manages the complete administrative and logistics activities to guarantee a smooth and valid screening program. On top of that a dedicated RADventure Business Consultant Screening Programs, supported the Dutch screening organisation “Bevolkingsonderzoek Midden West” on a very broad basis.
7 years later, in 2013, RADventure and the Dutch screenings organisation are still partnering. Together with scientific researchers (PhD’s and Professors) of the Erasmus Medical Centre and the Academic Medical Centre, Business Consultants and Developers of RADventure are working side by side and the fourth screening program (ICOLON4) started in March 2014. In this Screening Program 13.000 thousand men and women are invited to participate in the screening program.
The ICOLON Screening Programs belong to a long lasting scientific research with the goal to deliver scientific proved numbers and facts in relation to the effect of population screening on mortality percentages. The RADventure Group is proud to contribute to Population Screening Programs for important Scientific Research.