Since several years the Dutch Breast Cancer Screening is fully digitalized

The breast cancer screening program is separated from further care in hospital. When a client is referred from the breast cancer screening program to a hospital, the hospital often needs the images (priors) existing in the Breast Cancer Screening PACS. Originally this image-transfer was done using CD’s which were sent to the hospital if requested. The MAMMOXL project integrates the Breast Cancer Screening images from the national screening program and the hospital care using an IHE-XDS-I profile for transmural exchange of images. RADventure, together with Philips and ForCare implemented the technical infrastructure. Within the MammoXL environment XDS -I is used. The hospital, to which the client is referred, can ‘asks’ the images from the national screening program. Using a national registry the DICOM-images are automatically transferred to the Hospital PACS.

Benefits of MammoXL:

  • Efficient information transfer between screening organisations and hospitals. Faster help provided to the woman.
  • No more CD’s exchange between hospitals and screening organisations. Screening reports and images of women referred are directly accessible which lead to a saving of time and money.
  • No need for burning CDs with images and reports from follow-up studies and reports.
  • Improved quality of service thanks to the ability to communicate about certain patients cases.
  • Quick, easy and better. Screening organisations and radiologists have the same images retrieved from screening and diagnosis.
  • Images and reports are already available for hospital radiologist and surgeon before the patient arrives at the hospital for her first appointment.
  • Secure exchange of sensitive information. With MammoXL the access to images and reports is highly secured. All actions, such as access, retrieval and delivery of data is logged (auditing).
  • All hospitals can participate. MammoXL is an easy access from hospitals to images and reports from the screening program. Using MammoXL is independent of brand / supplier of radiology equipment and systems.