The scope of this project includes the first module of many modules that need to be developed.

The Quotation Module is used by commercial managers to offer rates to customers for works that needs to be done

Main Features

Registration & Analysis

New offers are generated by importing a CSV file that contains all the tender and lanes information. The offer can be for one multiple lanes or for single lane, in which case, is called “spot quote”.


Once each lane is correctly configured by the assigned commercial manager then, the next step in the process will be to initiate the calculation process.

Calculation Process

In order to perform the required calculations, the Quotation Module, interacts with an external module called Tender Tool. The tender tool performs all the calculations, benchmarks and network impact analysis using the data provided by the quotation module. with all the required data.

Offer & Negotiation

Once the calculations are completed, the results are available in the Quotation Module on which the user is able to work on the rate in detail, for 1 or more selected lanes, to get to a rate he's convinced is the correct one for the customer. The Quotation Module supports multiple rounds of calculation and offering per tender line.



During the closure, the lanes for which the customer didn’t agree the proposed rate are closed. Some additional information related to each of them, like the transporter that has won the lane, the price and a remark will be filled. In the other hand, for every lane for which the rate has been agreed, a quote will be generated in the TMS application (external application).