Since 2005 the RADventure Group has been building IT systems for ESA - the European Space Agency

Our customer operates in a high-sensitive environment and safety measures are extensive. RADventure is a trusted ICT supplier and we know all about changing and adjusting easily when circumstances require so. We also are very familiar with developing systems for hundreds of simultaneous users, and how to release highly confidential information. For over 12 years, RADventure has been developing custom-made IT systems to support the very specific processes within ESA. These processes do not fit in any standard IT system and this is exactly the specialty of the RADventure Group. Our consultants and developers are highly skilled in analyzing the processes and other sensitivities that need to be covered. After this they start developing the ICT system. In these sensitive projects, we work closely with our customer to meet their high-quality requirements. On specific request of our customer we develop using the latest Clarion technology. On top of that we deliver 1st and 2nd line helpdesk activities for the hundreds of users of this ICT system all over the world. The end-users training is also part of the services we provide since 2016.