In January 2017 Trans.IT launched the Central Data warehouse for Gastroenterologist departments for multiple hospitals

Within each hospital all exams are recorded in a reporting database. Once per day a specific dataset is (anonymously) send from this reporting system to the Trans.IT central data warehouse. Each Gastroenterologist is able to use this central Data warehouse using a business intelligence tool to manage the department and analyze the data. Only for their own hospital they can see detailed data. For all other hospitals they cannot see the details. RADventure is proud to deliver the whole technical infrastructure for this solution including:
  • ETL-environment Secure data warehouse Business Intelligence tool * consultancy
  • Secure data warehouse
  • Business Intelligence tool * consultancy
There are different modules involved in this centralized datawarehouse:
  • Business Intelligence Portal
  • VREST-interface
  • MRDM-interface

Application screenshot.